At-Home Patient Monitoring

Glucose monitoring

For some diabetes patients, blood sugar testing is recommended periodically up to a few times a day. Such patients are increasingly receiving remote support for their diabetes management via the usage of a blood glucose meter. When patients test their blood sugar using our glucose monitoring device, our endocrinologists receive the data captured and can, if the information warrants it, make changes to a medication regimen and provide recommendations to improve management. Evidence shows that RPM is effective in controlling HbA1c levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Continuous Glucose monitoring

For people with diabetes, mainly those with type 1 diabetes, ongoing measurement of blood sugar levels may be advisable to detect noteworthy changes in blood sugar levels in near real-time and reveal sugar level highs and lows that fingerstick testing alone may not be able to identify. To perform ongoing measurement, patients are provided a continuous glucose monitoring system, often referred to as a CGM.

As with remote, non-continuous glucose monitoring, remote CGM provides endocrinologists with their patient’s blood sugar readings — and most importantly, any that raise red flags (i.e., glucose levels too high or low). CGM can help improve diabetes management and treatment decisions as it provides a clearer picture of a patient’s blood sugar levels and their movement.